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Q: Are you a licensed company?

A. Yes. We are licensed by the public carriage office under Licence Number: 00928901.

Q: Is your service available day and night?

A. Yes. We operate 24 hours 7 days a week, all through the year however our office hours are: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm and on weekends 10am-4pm.

Q: Are your prices fixed?

A. Yes. The prices are fixed for pre-booked transfers. But if there are any additional drop offs, pickups or diversions there will be additional charges.

Q: Will I incur any extra charges if my plane is delayed or cancelled by the airline?

A. No, as we will track your flight landing time we will be aware of any delays or cancellations and we will dispatch our driver according to the new landing time.

Q: How do I book an Airport Transfer?

A. Easily! From the online booking page, just fill in the booking form, making sure you give us all the details necessary, including flight number, arrival time and a mobile number, if available.

Q: What happens after I have made an online booking?

A. We will review your request and send you an email confirming the booking with a booking confirmation number.

Q: How to pay with credit or debit card?

A. We use Stripe as our preferred card payment solution, they have a strong secure API.

Q: Can I pay cash to driver?

A. Yes.

Q: How long will it take to get to the airport?

A. London Airport: Travel Times

London is one the busiest cities in the world, meaning traffic can be, at times, very heavy. We therefore advise everyone travelling to any London airport to plan to arrive at least 3 hours before your flight is due to depart. This way if there are any delays en route you still have plenty of time to reach your airport. Please also remember there can be delays at the airport – check in and security may take over 2 hours at the busiest periods.

We have compiled the following travel time guidelines. This is just a guide, and should not be considered as a definitive travel time for your airport.

Central London to

London Heathrow
 2 hours*
 1 hour

London Gatwick
 2 hours*
 1 hour 15 minutes

London Stansted
 2 hours*
 1 hour 15 minutes

London Luton
 2 hours*
 1 hour

London City
 50 mins*
 30 mins

*Peak time in London is from 6am to 10am & 4pm to 7pm.

Central London is WEST END & CITY postcodes, for other areas of London travel times could be different. Please email or phone if you are unsure what time you need to book your car.

Please only use this as a rough guide, travel times can vary depending on traffic and weather conditions. Private Executive or any of its sub-contracted drivers will not be held responsible for anyone missing their flights. Please make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to check in and make boarding.

Q: Can I smoke in the car?

A. No. We operate a strict no smoking policy in all our vehicles!

Q: Is gratuity included in the price?

A. No. It is at the passenger’s discretion.

Q: How do I find my driver at the airport?

A. Our driver will wait in the arrival hall with your name card usually by the airport information desk.

Q: What do I do if I can’t locate my driver?

A. Please call us 0203 5393935 and our admin team will help you find your driver in the terminal.

Q: What if my driver does not turn up at the agreed time?

A. Phone us on 0203 5393935

Q: I cannot locate my driver at the airport, where do I go?

A. Our driver should be waiting for you with a name board near the airport information desk.

Q: What if I’m waiting for my luggage and there’s a delay?

A. Contact us, the driver will wait for you as long as you let us know. Keep a note of our number – 0203 5393935.